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Many of us cringe at the mere thought of going to the dentist. But don’t let your fear keep you from taking good care of your teeth and gums now as there could be long term unpleasant consequences later on.

If you can find a dentist that you like and trust, the chances are your visits will be much less stressful and Preventative Dentistry is virtually painless!

Many long-time residents of north Milton and Halton Hills, or anyone who travelled down to Milton long Highway 25 North, remember Durante’s Service Station. From 1963 until they closed in 2007, the friendly owner served people with humour and care. Durante’s was the place you went if you had a problem with your car and you were sure of receiving great service. Durante’s Towing is still available.

Miriam Haight believes that the time is now for a hospice here in Milton. After 29 years of loving and living with Peter, his time had come to the end. He was losing his twelve year battle with C.M.L., He was moved to a Hospice in Oakville where he was very well cared for as was Miriam, but it was a hardship to travel so far to be with him in his final hours.