It’s National Volunteer Appreciation Week and we will be thanking the hundreds of volunteers that we are fortunate to have at Milton District Hospital this week. Our theme this year is “Together Everyone Achieves More” (TEAM).

Our volunteers are passionate about making a positive difference in the health of others. They help improve the patient experience within our hospital and behind the scenes – some of them assist directly or indirectly in supporting patient care, some with fundraising initiatives, and others take on leadership roles. If you get the opportunity, please take a minute to thank a volunteer today.

Milton District Hospital

I know there is excitement building in our community about the hospital expansion. We are looking to recruit new volunteers now (especially adults who are available during the day) to prepare for moving into the new space in the fall. Can you spare a few hours a week? If so, please visit our website for more information about applying to be a volunteer

Janet Skupsky, Chief Operating Officer, Milton District Hospital


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