The Muslim Advisory Council of Canada (MACC) adapted its diverse programming to address community needs for Ramadan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on its ability to engage the community, and through relationships with the food industry, the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada responded by bringing joy to the community via a virtual Ramadan Cupcake Showdown, a first of it’s kind in the world.

The competition, which was composed of 50 competitors from around Canada, brought the community together in an entertaining food network style competition utilizing the Zoom platform. All competitors were required to decorate a dozen cupcakes in 15 minutes. They were then assessed on appearance and technique used to decorate the cupcakes by three judges, one of which was Masterchef USA season 6 competitor, Amanda Saab.

“Ramadan is a time of community, full of festive events, prayers at the mosque and family gatherings. Unfortunately, all in person gatherings have been cancelled due to these unprecedented times and community morale was down. That is why we put together the Ramadan Cupcake Showdown to welcome the month of Ramadan which was both entertaining to watch and to compete in. The beauty of this online event was that we had both Muslims and non-Muslims join in on welcoming Ramadan as a community through cupcake decorating. We helped increase community morale to welcome the month of Ramadan with renewed intention and lifted spirits.” said Tabassum Wyne the founder of MACC

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