La Rose, an Italian family bakery, has been part of Milton’s food community for 35 years. They are beloved by the locals for their wide range of products but more so their freshly baked goods and breads. At La Rose you will really be able to taste the difference. They are a ‘from scratch’ bakery, meaning they make everything in house. They only use the freshest of ingredients and don’t add any preservatives or artificial flavors to their breads. They also mix their own dough, shape their loaves, and bake them daily, guaranteeing you good and wholesome bread.

There’s nothing like walking down their bread aisle with the delicious aroma of their baguettes, buns, croissants, and loaves. With over 30 different varieties of bread and over 30 sizes of buns, you will have lots to choose and enjoy from. Their vast selection of breads ensures to appeal any type of customer and any occasion. Whether you need some dinner rolls for your family meal, some Portuguese buns for your sandwich, or a freshly made bread loaf for your breakfast toast, La Rose has you covered.

Some other popular items include their traditional Calabrese, Ciabatta loaves, baguettes, rye breads, whole wheat breads and Austrian loaves.

If you are stopping by there for lunch, they use their own bread to serve their popular homemade veal on a bun sandwiches. You can explore more about their Hot Table offerings here. (To insert link to Hot Table article or Cold meats piece) La Rose also offers seasonal varieties of bread. For Easter they specially make their Sweet Easter Egg Bread. This beautiful bread is made with their traditional “Sgouta” recipe. They dedicatedly form the dough in the shape of a braid with a hard-boiled egg in the middle. If you are feeling for something sweeter, La Rose also bakes specialty sweet dough. Their croissants are perfect for breakfast. You can choose from plain butter croissants to chocolate to almond ones.

They also have Danish pastries, Portuguese Custard Tarts, Cinnamon buns, Apple Turnovers, and much more! La Rose continues to be a valued establishment in the Town of Milton. Even as the years have passes, they haven’t lost their tradition and have remained the same as when they first opened 35 years ago. Though they are still baking with the same methods, the bakers at La Rose are always innovating and experimenting with new ingredients and recipes to bring their customers more delicious varieties of breads and buns. Their loyal clientele as well as the new comers will surely be nothing short of satisfied.



Apart from their delicious and freshly baked breads, La Rose is known for their fine Italian pastries. Just like their bread, La Rose’s pastries and cakes are made right in store. La Rose’s pastry and cake aisle is a heaven for anyone with a sweet tooth and a love for everything chocolate.

As you walk down their display, you will find yourself with over 30 different varieties of pastries, cookies, and desserts. One of the most popular ones and their number one seller is the Italian Cannoli. With its crispy shell filled with rich ricotta cream, it’s not hard to understand why it is their top seller.

But if you are more of a chocolate lover, then there are Eclairs, made with their very own choux paste shell filled with 35% cream and topped with Belgian chocolate. Some of their other most popular pastries include their Strawberry Millefoglie, Chocolate Mousse Tarts, Cream Puffs, Fruit Tarts, Cream Horns, and Sfogliatelle. And for those with gluten intolerances, La Rose has been expanding their gluten-free options so that everyone can enjoy their delicious treats. Some of their most popular cookies include Amaretti, a traditional Italian dark almond cookie and their Almond cookies, a traditional Italian white cookie topped with a cherry or an almond; both flour-free. Other options include their Italian butter cookies (called frollini), jam-filled cookies, biscotti, and handmade, hand decorated Italian butter cookies. They also offer custom orders of decorated cookies, cookie favors, Macarons, alfajores, and empires. As well as carry an assortment of brownies, bars, and cupcakes.

You can choose from and select from any of their pastries to make the perfect dessert tray with a mix of pastries and cookies. You will also find a variety of pre-made full sized cakes. They have everything from the classical Tiramisu to their decadent chocolate Bacio cake to Red Velvet, Italian Buttercream and different kinds of Cheesecakes. And if by chance you just want a slice for yourself, they also have individual slices available! Which you can take home or enjoy in store with an house made espresso or cappuccino. Perfect for an afternoon coffee date with a friend or co-worker.



La Rose’s cakes are a great way to deliciously highlight your special occasion. They stay true to their promise and ensure that their cakes are made fresh daily and on site much like their other baked goods. They use whole ingredients like real 35% cream, real butter, whole eggs. Plus, they have exceptional cake artists who are dedicated to creating only beautiful and crowd-pleasing cakes.

Whether it’s an everyday celebration, birthday, special occasion, religious event, or a business event, you will be sure to “wow” at your next function. In case of a bigger occasion, like weddings, La Rose also makes wedding cakes and thy offer their consultations right in store. With their fresh ingredients and passionate and talented staff, your wedding cake is bound to be as beautiful as your special day. But if you are just stopping by to pick up a few things, you will always find a selection of pre-made 8” cakes available to order a-la-carte any day of the week.


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