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Coldest Night of the Year Walk – Milton

This past year has shaken our lives. Some people muddled through, but some slipped through the cracks.

Some people are experiencing abuse, trying to get through the day while missing meals. Searching for a safe place to sleep, maybe for the first time. Maybe they made choices they regret, or maybe they were blindsided by something totally unpredictable. And now they’re lost, wondering if there’s a place for them tonight. And it’s cold out there.

Chasing The Dream: Catch the Ace

The Townsend Smith Foundation

Creating change need not be a glorious act. It can start with a small, simple, and yet sensitive thought that eventually culminates in turning whimsical dreams into tangible realities. 

Laurie Day, impelled by her passion for the need for a hospice in the North Halton community, approached the Townsend Smith Foundation with a ‘chase the ace’ fundraising concept. The ‘chase the ace’ fundraising model was made famous in Canada’s East Coast and initially began in Inuvik. Day generously offered to sponsor the event for the Townsend Smith Foundation. 

Milton MS Walk 2021

My name is Shannon Parsons and I moved to beautiful Milton in 2009. It’s been almost 3 years since I was diagnosed with ms. I remember when I heard those words, I thought my life was over. I hit rock bottom and didn’t want to go on, somehow with the support of my family and friends and my inner desire to fi nd happiness again, I slowly climbed back up and out of the darkness. Fast forward to today, I am fortunate that I caught things relatively early, got on disease modifying drugs and was able to exercise and do a lot of self-care to stay healthy. When my foot goes numb, when fatigue makes it seem impossible to go on or I feel a tingling sensation up my back, I am reminded that the disease is still there, it is real, but I choose to try and keep positive and do what is in my control to keep things at bay.

Milton Youth Yaanah Rehman comes first in Halton Region Spelling Bee

Congratulations  to  Milton resident Yaanah Rehman who came first place in the Halton Region Spelling Bee representing Milton and 4th place Canada wide!  

Milton MP Adam van Koeverden stopped by her house on Saturday December 5th along with Local Milton Town Councillors Rick Di Lorenzo  and Kristina Tesser-Derksen to congratulate Yaanah on her achievement.

Miltonian Teen Talks Space Exploration

2020 has been defined by a disproportionate succession of small changes. Changes in habit, changes to routine, changes to how we function within our everyday lives. More significantly, 2020 has seen movement towards a deepening sense of equality.

Miltonian teen Zainab Azim holds this cause close to her heart. In 2020 she was selected to participate in the United Nations Space4Women Network Mentor program. This mentorship position will allow her to promote STEM and gender equality on a global level.

Lighting Up Milton!

Driving along Regional Road 25 into the heart of Milton was brightened recently by the lights of Allendale. This has happened due to an outpouring of love and effort from countless extraordinary citizens in a very short amount of time.

It all began one evening in the middle of December 2020. Laraine Goodban was feeling sad.  She had been visiting Gordon, her husband of 53 years. Looking at Allendale where her husband was now living, she thought about how the people on the inside (Gordon included) would appreciate some Christmas lights outside their windows. She asked Allendale Administrator Sean Weylie if it was do-able and he said YES!!!

Milton Film Festival going online

Like most film festivals this past year, the Milton Film Festival is going virtual, streaming all films and guest Q&As online. This new format has allowed the Festival to expand to five days – January 27-31 – and have fourteen screenings, each available for viewing for 3-5 days.

The 8th annual event marks the return of some old friends, including Milton director Jawad Mir, whose documentary ONLY 78 had its Ontario premiere at the 2018 Festival. Now Mir is back with co-director Ahmad Ebrahimi with a new documentary. CITIZEN OF MORIA follows Ahmad after he is forced to leave Afghanistan by the Taliban and winds up in Europe’s worst refugee camp – Moria.

Be the ‘Miracle’ for Miracle on Main Street this year!

It’s that time of year again when families begin to think about the upcoming holiday season. There are many families within Milton and Halton Region that are less fortunate and struggle to provide their children with an enjoyable Christmas, and some who are simply not able to buy their children a toy. This year we believe the struggle could be even greater for more families.

The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation (TJSF) is commencing their 12th annual Miracle on Main Street Christmas donation drive. This is also the third year of the merger between TJSF and Halton Regional Police Services campaign (formally Toys for Tots) to collect and distribute funds and toys to families in need throughout the Halton Region. The merger has allowed the organizations to enhance the annual donation drives and to work collaboratively to help more families in need than ever before. Since 1999 the Halton Regional Police Service have supported families through Toys for Tots.  All donations collected are distributed to Halton schools, community agencies and families!

The Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation is a Milton-based charity started by wrestling legends, humanitarians and philanthropists; Tiger Jeet Singh and his son Tiger Ali Singh. For the last eleven years, the Tiger Jeet Singh Foundation has organized their “Miracle on Main Street” event which has raised millions of dollars though donations and sponsorships for children, families and local agencies Halton Women’s Place and Salvation Army in our Region and purchased thousands of toys for children admitted over the holidays at McMaster Children’s Hospital and SickKids.

To keep everyone safe, TJSF have had to modify their efforts this year. They are encouraging everyone to donate gift cards and unwrapped toys at designated locations noted on their website.  Donations can be made online through . Given that TJSF does not charge for any administrative fees, therefore 100% of the donations go back into the Milton and Halton community, and every penny raised online will go towards the purchase of a toy!

For further information, or if you are interested in partnering with TJSF to collect or donate gift cards and unwrapped toys, you can contact them by emailing or learn more about making a donation by visiting