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My primary responsibility as your Member of Parliament is to help my neighbours and our community here in Milton. We know that Canadians pay too much for their medication, and that we are the only country in the world with universal health care, but no universal drug coverage. I’ve always been an advocate for a National Pharmacare program, so I’m proud that our government has launched the first step toward comprehensive coverage – with broad support for contraception and diabetes medications.

Just before our recent lockdown East Side Marios in Milton held a successful fundraiser for Food 4 Kids. They collected food both food as well as cash donations.

In addition to the food collected they were able to contribute over $1,000 directly to Food 4 Kids. “We love when we can use our restaurant as a place to give back to the community. Food 4 Kids is an important organization doing valuable work and we just want to help” said franchise owner Zain.

The Muslim Advisory Council of Canada (MACC) adapted its diverse programming to address community needs for Ramadan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on its ability to engage the community, and through relationships with the food industry, the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada responded by bringing joy to the community via a virtual Ramadan Cupcake Showdown, a first of it’s kind in the world.