On June 12, 2021, hundreds gathered for a vigil in Victoria Park, Milton, to mourn the Afzaal family – victims of a hate crime in London, Ontario. Heartfelt speeches, thoughtful bouquets, and overwhelming support marked the day as a memorable show of solidarity from the entire Milton community. The attack, pronounced a terrorist attack by officials, had killed three generations of a Muslim family and left a nine-year old boy orphaned and recovering in the hospital.

Salman Afzaal, Madiha Salman, Yumna Salman, and Talat Afzaal were all integral members of the London community and losing them left many in shock. After starting the vigil with recitation of Quranic scripture, various speakers commemorated the family and highlighted ways in which Canadians can come together to ensure horrendous  acts, such as this one, do not take place again.

It’s been a long winter, longer than most it seems. March is traditionally when the gardeners among us head out to Garden shows with our cameras and wallets, searching out ideas, plants and seeds to start our gardens.  2021 has turned out to be a bit different, with no Garden shows, shortages of seeds and online retailers scrambling to fill demands.

Right now as the Hamamelis Mollis (Chinese witch hazel) and Galanthus (snowdrops) are just beginning to bloom, the Society has been planning for months already. Our annual Seedy Saturday event on March 27th is going virtual this year with our brand new website . We have planned an entire day of online speakers, a virtual seed swap, local online vendors, children’s photo contest and much more. Our website also features sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals who wish to support us and our work to beautify Milton and serve the gardeners of town.