Food & Drink


No One Goes Hungry hosted a Gala Dinner at November 13th at Country Heritage Park and also used the venue to announce their new partnership with Country Heritage Park and their Conestoga Community Kitchen.

The program No One Goes Hungry is super excited to be a part Country Heritage Park in their shared vision of giving back to the community.

The #milltonstrong facebook group has created a new Milton local restaurants Dinner Club to help support the local Milton food industry. The group is setup to get together once a month and try a new restaurant and also serve as a meet and greet for the Milton community.

“My goal was to be able to offer support to local owned restaurants and also give us a chance to taste secret menu items and at the same time give us a chance to socialize with the people we have been interacting with over Facebook!” said group co-founder Jeffrey Pereira.

The Great Canadian Baking Show is a deliciously heartwarming programme to watch on the CBC each cold Sunday evening through the pandemic of February-March-April  2021.

The culinary creations are usually beautifully presented. Viewers get to watch the successes and failures of the participants from the safety of their couches, generally feeling removed from the stress as bread rises or caves in; elaborate icing designs dissolve and many great plans come to nothing. It is competition at its best and most exciting.

The Muslim Advisory Council of Canada (MACC) adapted its diverse programming to address community needs for Ramadan amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Building on its ability to engage the community, and through relationships with the food industry, the Muslim Advisory Council of Canada responded by bringing joy to the community via a virtual Ramadan Cupcake Showdown, a first of it’s kind in the world.

To make a perfect red velvet cake, the measurements and ingredients have to be just right. The same care and perfection go into putting on a live theatre show and the Milton Players have perfected that recipe with their latest production, “The Red Velvet Cake War”. In this riotously funny Southern-fried comedy, the wildly eccentric Verdeen clan is determined to have a family reunion – and it couldn’t have come at a worse time! Not only are they dealing with their own personal issues, as well as the off-kilter residents of Sweetgum, Texas but Gaynelle Verdeen Bodeen is determined to win her jaw-dropping high stakes wager on who bakes the best red velvet cake – smack dab in the middle of Texas tornado season!