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It’s been a long winter, longer than most it seems. March is traditionally when the gardeners among us head out to Garden shows with our cameras and wallets, searching out ideas, plants and seeds to start our gardens.  2021 has turned out to be a bit different, with no Garden shows, shortages of seeds and online retailers scrambling to fill demands.

Right now as the Hamamelis Mollis (Chinese witch hazel) and Galanthus (snowdrops) are just beginning to bloom, the Society has been planning for months already. Our annual Seedy Saturday event on March 27th is going virtual this year with our brand new website . We have planned an entire day of online speakers, a virtual seed swap, local online vendors, children’s photo contest and much more. Our website also features sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals who wish to support us and our work to beautify Milton and serve the gardeners of town.

The Coldest Night of the Year event on February 20th2021 was possibly one of the coldest nights of the year so far in Milton

The day was cold in Milton, colder in the evening. Most participants, delighting in the glorious winter sunshine and picture perfect bright blue skies, walked during the day. Some chose to walk on a different date under the auspices of CNOY2021.

The Great Canadian Baking Show is a deliciously heartwarming programme to watch on the CBC each cold Sunday evening through the pandemic of February-March-April  2021.

The culinary creations are usually beautifully presented. Viewers get to watch the successes and failures of the participants from the safety of their couches, generally feeling removed from the stress as bread rises or caves in; elaborate icing designs dissolve and many great plans come to nothing. It is competition at its best and most exciting.

February was Black History Month in Milton and two organizations – the Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH) and the African Caribbean Council of Halton (ACCH) – worked together to see it was celebrated, albeit virtually in Milton this year.

The Canadian Caribbean Association of Halton (CCAH) is a registered charity that was established in 1977. It services the communities in the Municipality of Halton. Th e CCAH goals are to provide cultural programs grounded in our core values, known as our four pillars: Education, Culture, Community and Harmony. They strive to provide understanding of Caribbean, Black and African cultures through history, art, literature, and music.

This past year has shaken our lives. Some people muddled through, but some slipped through the cracks.

Some people are experiencing abuse, trying to get through the day while missing meals. Searching for a safe place to sleep, maybe for the first time. Maybe they made choices they regret, or maybe they were blindsided by something totally unpredictable. And now they’re lost, wondering if there’s a place for them tonight. And it’s cold out there.

The Townsend Smith Foundation

Creating change need not be a glorious act. It can start with a small, simple, and yet sensitive thought that eventually culminates in turning whimsical dreams into tangible realities. 

Laurie Day, impelled by her passion for the need for a hospice in the North Halton community, approached the Townsend Smith Foundation with a ‘chase the ace’ fundraising concept. The ‘chase the ace’ fundraising model was made famous in Canada’s East Coast and initially began in Inuvik. Day generously offered to sponsor the event for the Townsend Smith Foundation. 

My name is Shannon Parsons and I moved to beautiful Milton in 2009. It’s been almost 3 years since I was diagnosed with ms. I remember when I heard those words, I thought my life was over. I hit rock bottom and didn’t want to go on, somehow with the support of my family and friends and my inner desire to fi nd happiness again, I slowly climbed back up and out of the darkness. Fast forward to today, I am fortunate that I caught things relatively early, got on disease modifying drugs and was able to exercise and do a lot of self-care to stay healthy. When my foot goes numb, when fatigue makes it seem impossible to go on or I feel a tingling sensation up my back, I am reminded that the disease is still there, it is real, but I choose to try and keep positive and do what is in my control to keep things at bay.

Milton is strong. Milton is always willing to reach out to help people in the community.

Mario Chagas’ middle name is Milton. The name Milton is quite common in Brazil. “In Brazil” he said, “everyone including my Mom always called me Milton!”

He lives in Milton Ontario, is a local contractor and owns and manages MC Trim.

Mario’s Facebook profile states: ‘We are passionate about the work we undertake and are happy to discuss your project and requirements. We provide the best carpenter and trim service. No job is too big. No space is too small. No project is the same.’

Congratulations  to  Milton resident Yaanah Rehman who came first place in the Halton Region Spelling Bee representing Milton and 4th place Canada wide!  

Milton MP Adam van Koeverden stopped by her house on Saturday December 5th along with Local Milton Town Councillors Rick Di Lorenzo  and Kristina Tesser-Derksen to congratulate Yaanah on her achievement.