Milton Kids


A program for our youth rooted in the deep belief that every young person has potential and value and deserves respect and a safe space to be themselves. The affection between peers is evident the minute you walk through the door. One youth, in particular, caused quite a stir when he debuted his new haircut. I learned that he was a newcomer to Canada and his parents were looking for a safe space for him to make friends when they found Re: Soul. Well done, parents; Mission completed! High Fives, Hugs and something cooking in the kitchen fills the room; for some teens, this is home.

This is an opportunity to celebrate, honour and re.ect on the stories, experiences and accomplishments of Black Canadians.

The Black History Month exhibition at the Milton Art’s Centre showcases the diverse work of talented artists Désiré Betty, Omar Hopkinson and the Association of Nigerian Community in Milton (ANCim).

Last month I got a chance to meet several of the talented youth artists that participated in ANCim’s exhibition as well as meet some of their parents. _Thank you Edosa Adams-Idode for making me aware of this and inviting me and others to attend.

Milton Youth Soccer Club: Get Ready for Fun, Friendship, and a Whole Lot of Soccer this summer!

Milton Youth Soccer Club (MYSC) home of your Milton Magic. Widely praised for its fun atmosphere and excellent coaching staff, the MYSC has become the number one youth soccer program for the young people of Milton. The competitive league is among the best in the province with some of our Milton Magic players going on to play on national and international pitches.

With the upcoming season starting this summer, excitement and anticipation is in the air as MYSC looks forward to building strong connections between their players both on and off the field. This year marks the 55th Anniversary of the Milton Youth Soccer Club. It’s a going to be amazing year!

This amazing group of somewhat / barely athletic Milton dads started in 2021 as a way to stay fit and get out of the house, connect with other dads, and raise money for a good cause while doing something we love. Many children’s charities took a huge hit during the pandemic, and money became tight for a lot of people. We noticed donations Milton Basketball Group organizes Milton Food Drivenoticably decreased and we wanted to do our part – we knew the bigger the group, the more people we can help!

The group is run by Carl Zuzart of The Mad Hitter and Fred DeCarolis from the FredHelps Real Estate Team, with help from Rizwan Shaikh and Usama Shakil. Current sessions

are Mondays and Thursdays, 9pm at the Velodrome. For information on how to join the wait list, how to help organize a 3rd night to meet demand, or how to help with donations, reach out to or

Donation tallies are approaching the $5,000 mark by next session — it’s amazing what ANY group of people can do when they come together to do something they love! Food4Kids Halton, The ROCK, and Food for Life are on our charities list so far. Reach out to us if you have a local charity focused on helping children – we’d love to chat!

EOSCL marked its 7th year of success in the Town of Milton, where they have hosted more than 350 players in the season, which ended on September 24th with Team Companion being the champion of the year 2022.

EOSCL has conducted trials session where more than 150 players participated and played for teams during the season. Sixteen teams participated, and overall, 110 matches were completed.

MYSC Milton Magic soccer players U8 – U13+ attended a two-day training camp learning 1 vs 1 Techniques, Shooting and Attacking Skills from Dwayne “DeRo” De Rosario. DeRo is one of the most decorated Canadian athletes of our generation. His focus now is inspiring the next generation of Canadian athletes to “Go after your dreams…”, says Dwayne “DeRo” De Rosario

If ever there was a doubt that traditional books were giving way to e-books and the like, you only had to attend the recent CFUW Milton and District Book Sale on May 13 and 14th at Milton Mall, to lay that thought to rest.

Kathy Lawdays, CFUW book sale organizer shared, “We have been expecting this type of shift in reading habits for several years but it doesn’t seem to have happened. It seems nonfiction books are not as commonly available for e-readers nor are books for young children. Many people still prefer the feeling of a good book in their hands.”

The Milton Stags S-Elite girls U15 team is headed to the Ontario Provincials Championships after going 12-1 this season in Ontario Basketball Association games and sanctioned tournaments. The team, which consists of players born in 2008 and 2009, took root in the Milton Stags house league program where many of the girls started playing back in 2016.

Yun Xie is a member of the Fine Arts Society of Milton and also a member of the Shanghai, China Folk Artists Association. She is well known internationally for her exquisite paper-cutting creations. Paper cutting is one of the oldest, most popular folk arts in China and a traditional part of Chinese culture.

“This intricate art form originates from China and is a precious intangible cultural heritage of the Chinese nation” Yun declared, “As one of a new generation of Chinese paper-cut artists, I am committed to combining traditional elements with new ideas to show the unique charm of paper cut art and make this ancient Chinese culture go further to the world.” Her designs represent nature by using mostly animals and flowers.

What started as a Dad’s basketball group so Milton fathers could get outside, meet and play some ball has evolved into something pretty fantastic.

They meet on a regular basis at Hawthorne Village Public School on weeknights to play ball and now they have also been raising money for Food4Kids Halton Stacey Silvio Halliday was at the basketball court today to receive their group donations and let the Dads know how their money is helping kids in Halton, and specifically in Milton.