This is an opportunity to celebrate, honour and re.ect on the stories, experiences and accomplishments of Black Canadians.

The Black History Month exhibition at the Milton Art’s Centre showcases the diverse work of talented artists Désiré Betty, Omar Hopkinson and the Association of Nigerian Community in Milton (ANCim).

Last month I got a chance to meet several of the talented youth artists that participated in ANCim’s exhibition as well as meet some of their parents. _Thank you Edosa Adams-Idode for making me aware of this and inviting me and others to attend.

The ANCim is involved in various community activities for children in Milton such as coding classes, sports activities and it helps inspire our youth to also express their talents through the arts. Children are also encouraged to research di.erent cultural aspects of Nigerian fashion, language, music, cuisine and lifestyle.

By the way you might also recognize both Omar and Desire’s art work through our town. Omar was the lead artist picked by the DBIA (Milton Downtown Business Improvement Association) to do the outside mural at 241 Main Street East.

Both Désiré and Omar (or “Oms” as he’s often referred to) were also selected to contribute to the Milton “Exclusively Inclusive” tra.c box art project that you will see displayed through our town. _is project encompasses themes of diversity, inclusion and equity in Milton.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Omar for many years and he’s fantastic artist, community volunteer, organizer, and a really great and fun person to be around. Little known fact about Omar, in his early years he was a member of “_The Circle” a Toronto-based collective of artists including world phenom stars such as Kardinal O.shall and Jully Black.

He’s currently a Board Member for Arts Milton.

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