As a brilliant sunset lit up the skies over Campbellville on 15th December 2019, there was a special event Celebrating 52 Years of Memories at the Mohawk Inn & Conference Centre before they officially closed their doors to make way for a completely transformed reconstruction of a modern hotel & conference centre with upgraded amenities.

The Media Release states: ‘For over 52 years in the centre of Campbellville, the Mohawk Inn has long been a gathering place for the community… Officially opened in 1967, the Mohawk Inn was established as an early-Canadian colonial style Inn. Its objective was simple: to provide comfort and a restful atmosphere in which guests could relax and enjoy themselves.’
“A few things have changed over the years, but the mission remains the same – to maintain and enhance our service to the local community,” states Shawn Saulnier. “The Mohawk Inn is in a great location and it’s time for the facility to be upgraded.”
“We are grateful to the guests and community for their patronage of the Mohawk Inn over the years, and we look forward to building a new and improved facility,” said Bridget Saulnier. “The community has been so good to us and we want to take the opportunity to thank everyone and bid a fond farewell to the past as we prepare for the future.

Over the years the Mohawk has been the hub for people from far and wide. The So family owned the Mohawk from the 90s which was when Brunch became a favourite for people in the area. YukYuk’s and Karaoke were also introduced by the So family. Many local celebrities; members of the horse racing community; politicians, in particular the Honourable John Diefenbacker; hockey greats, especially Bobby Hull all enjoyed the hospitality of the Mohawk
The Bar dates back to 1840 and was originally in the Eden Mills Hotel. In his remarks as he welcomed friends of the Mohawk to the celebration, David O’Connell (creative director of BANG!) said that there are many stories around that bar. Many people remember meeting their partners or celebrating special family events there. From 2012- 2013 there were many renovations and updates. The Chophouse, which is off sourced, became the new restaurant.
In 2017, the Mohawk celebrated its 50th year. Bridget and Shaun have now been owners of the Mohawk for 8 years.
“We were immediately welcomed from the beginning!” Bridget said, “It’s very special. We walked into quite a legacy. We were encouraged to participate and get involved.” She recalled how coming from Toronto where they had lived before, into a local community was totally different and very special. They were able to do a lot of things: “Giving back… paying forward … giving forward… making a difference…a sense of coming into a community… being part of it and getting involved.
“We’ve made so many friends! There are so many to recognize”. She thanked everyone and particularly their family and the Mohawk family: “They’re the reason why we have so many special memories and we look forward to building many more memories in the future.”
Shaun said how they had enjoyed helping to build the community. “People are kind to one another here.
Campbellville is the heartbeat of Milton.” He explained that as Milton is continuing to grow, they felt that a proper convention centre was essential, of a large enough size, so that citizens do not always have to go out of town for large events. A real tourist destination is needed and a great place for people to stay.
“My whole life changed when I met my wife!” Shaun declared “She told me to wear this Santa Claus sweater! My wife also asked me to sing my Christmas wishes in a song.”
To round up the evening, Shaun proceeded to sing, to his very appreciative audience, his ‘Grownup Christmas List’, for a world in need. This was a request for: No more lies; wars won’t start and time will heal all hearts; right will always win and every man will have a friend.
“Stay tuned in 2020 for updates,” said Bridget Saulnier “We will be back with an enhanced facility worthy of the community!”
Just a few of the well-wishers who have great memories of the Mohawk:
The Fine Arts Society of Milton treasure the time that they have been invited into the Mohawk Inn for shows: “Our dear friends at the Mohawk Inn and Conference Centre are closing their doors forever. The Inn as we know it will no longer be. It will be replaced by a modern facility in 2022…Shawn and Bridget have been wonderful and generous supporters of FASM ever since they took over the Mohawk Inn.”
Dave Haringa, photographer: “Bridget and Shaun have always been big supporters of the arts and FASM in particular. A lot of our success is due to Bridget and Shaun’s kindness and support of local artists.”
Councillor Rick DiLorenzo: “A fond farewell to the Mohawk Inn. It’s been part of our History for over 50 years. To the fresh new beginning that we will see in a couple years’ time. Great memories with great people.
Hedi Nowak, The Gallery Upstairs: “The Mohawk Inn…was an icon in our community and with Shaun and Bridget in charge it will be exciting to see history moving forward.
Wishing them a smooth sailing and success.”
Ashley Haynes, Mohawk Front Desk: “The Festive Farewell was a beautiful and bittersweet night. It brought the community together as the Mohawk Inn has done for 52 years. I love being part of the Mohawk family, because it truly is a family, and I’m so grateful for all I’ve learned here over the years. (I have worked there for 5 years since I was 18). I know that what comes next will be created with the same community loving passion that the Mohawk Inn is known for.”


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