Classic was the word of the night July 21 on Main St in Milton. As in classic cars lining both sides of the street, classic music filling the air. Adding to the magic was the warm breeze floating over the street. The Downtown Business Improvement Association (DBIA) held its annual Milton Cruise night from 6pm-10 pm. The cars were pre 1979 and lined up from Fulton to Brown streets.

The cars drew everyone out, including the volunteers. Three of them have been involved in it since day one, helping to park cars. “We come here because of the car show, but we also volunteer to help park the cars,” volunteer Wayne Keir said. The street full of people didn’t escape their notice. “It brings a lot of people into downtown Milton, and they get to see downtown Milton, some of them for the first time.” Some area restaurants extended their patios, and those were humming with diners.

It was also a night for pure nostalgia. Elizabeth Read was part of a group of 12 friends who make the car cruise a yearly outing. “All of us have a story about one of the cars here at least. My father owned that, my brother’s first car. My first boyfriend drove that,” she said. Read’s favourite is a 1969 Mustang. Her parents bought her a car that year, and it wasn’t a Mustang. “Always my regret,” she said. The group valued the chance to meet neighbours and friends they didn’t see very much. “You feel more a part of the community by coming,” she described.

There was live music played on a stage at the intersection of Martin St, and Main by the HEMI Heads. They played a mix of 50’s and 60’s music. It was heard throughout the entire show, and added to the nostalgia. Door prizes were awarded to some drivers. John Trinkwon brought his 1929 Ford Model A panel delivery truck to show off. He’s been interested in cars dates from his teenage years. “Always loved one. Always wanted one. Finally got it.” he said. He makes a habit of coming most years because it’s a good time. “You draw a lot of people from outside the community here to see the cars,” Trinkwon said. He comes with friends who also bring their cars.

This is one of the prime events on Milton’s summer calendar. At times you could barely move for all the people walking around. There were several cars that caught my eye including a red mustang, and a black corvette. For more information including events go their website at:
Photos by: Denise Cooperwhite


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