The beauty of the before & after can be a very powerful transformation not just professionally for me, but emotionally & financially for my clients. I choose the lifestyle approach when selling a home, as I truly believe
that the successful sale of a home depends on the emotional connect of the potential client with the home. He has to love it to go the extra mile & put his best foot forward when making an offer.

As an Interior/Architect I understand how to create an ambience with a combination of colour, texture, light & smell that elevates all the senses. Lifestyle is all about the experience & how the client envisions himself in the home. It is a strong association through which one expresses himself. The D’zigned to Sell Program is an exclusive service that a homeowner will benefit from when selling their home. It shows you how a professionally designed home can get you more money in a short span of time with the least amount of hassle. Statistics have shown that homes that are D’zigned to Sell will sell 49% faster than the average home on the market for 7% – 11% more money when priced at fair market value.
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