In a flourish of melodic harmony and enthusiasm, the Milton Choristers’ Spring Concert will complete their 50th Anniversary year. Brightly coloured shirts add to the cheerful theme of hope and anticipation for the future. “We liked the idea of wearing bright colours!” said their Director, “to go with the colours of spring flowers.”

Artistic Director Rachel Cleland ‘has brought an energetic joyfulness’ (notes the 50th anniversary CD insert) to the choral
group. Herself an accomplished soprano she studied choral conducting at university and is presently working on her  asters.

Chorister Laura Ferrill said that Rachel is “Fabulous! – With a great sense of humour. She is not just a director but a hardworking teacher too.”

For the upcoming concert Rachel decided to pick the theme ‘Reflections’. She organized the music into different areas on which to reflect. “We begin looking at nature.” she explained, “spending an afternoon on a hill looking at flowers and then to the Joys of my favourite plant – the coffee bean. Next we will reflect on music that represents different aspects of Love – new love, marriage, mature love and complicated love. And where there is Love, there can also be loss and parting…. Finally, we will explore the theme of Hope and Peace as we move into the next 50 years as an organization. The programme will send people off feeling that music can transcend so many boundaries and bring hope to people.

Susan Edmonds has accompanied the Choristers on the piano since 2011. She also teaches the flute and has performed both as a soloist and amongst several ensembles in Ontario including the Milton Philharmonic Orchestra.

The Chansonettes, an all-women’s choir was founded by Judy Hunter in 1968, with the support of the University Women’s Club of Milton. In 1979 the choir metamorphosed into the Milton Choristers that included men and women. “I directed the choir until 1982” Judy explained, “I am grateful to directors, choir members, accompanists and audiences for keeping ‘the torch burning’ these many years.” Fifty years later, she is thrilled to be a singer in the Milton Choristers and is looking forward to participating in the Milton Choristers concert on May 11th.

‘Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life’. This quote by Auerbach inspires Judy Hunter and speaks so well of how music can transform lives both as participants and listeners.

Past President of the Choristers, Helen Dietz is very pleased that Judy has been singing with them during this 50th Anniversary year. ”Such a wonderful experience!” she declared.

Long-time member Jim McQueen said “I have been with the Choristers for 19 years.I have appreciated the hard work of the
board members and music directors and accompanists over the years. For me the Choristers have always provided a way to
sing, have fun and relax.”

Kirk Gustavson believes that he is one of the longest standing members (since 1996) of the Milton Choristers. “I have never missed a concert” he said, “Music is in my soul and the Choristers take me there…..”

President Kate van Essen declared: “I love this choir! We support each other at the craziest times in our lives and have been
doing so for 50 years now! It’s the best ticket in town!”

On May 11th 2019 in Knox Church, Milton, the Milton Choristers will present Reflections through Music on Love, Life and Nature. Included in the programme will be: I’se the B’y ; Both Sides Now; Danny Boy; Hallelujah; Black Fly Song; I’d like to
teach the World to Sing and the Hymn to Freedom.

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