The Arts Milton Friendship Project is an initiative that aims to connect newcomers with community hosts in Milton through a series of enriching arts and culture activities. The program runs from March to July and involves various events, including a Meet and Greet, cultural activities, a bus tour exploring creative spaces in Milton, and a final picnic to celebrate shared experiences.

These interactions help forge new bonds and friendships while supporting the arts community in Milton. On March 3rd they had their initial Meet and Greet where families took part in various activities while enjoying healthy snacks and refreshments. People were introduced to Carrom, a south Asian game of Indian origins as well as taking part in various arts and craft activities. Participants also got to learn and join in the Nigerian dance of “Bata” taught by David a member of the Arts Milton community in Milton. Arts Milton aims to spotlight local artists from Milton and further support them through this project. For more information about the Friendship project and Arts Milton you can visit their website at artsmiltoncom/programs/the-friendship-project

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