The 3rd Annual tournament is being held on August 29th at Granite Ridge Golf Course in Milton. The local fundraiser is organized by Fred Smith – a local veteran who’s spent years helping other veterans overcome PSTD and drug addiction. Lunch and registration is at 11:30am with the golf tournament portion starting at 1pm. There will be live auctions as well as guest speakers. The cost is $200 for the full lunch and tournament or $75 for the dinner to follow. You can call 905-455- 002 or email Margaret at mgoodvhv@gmail. com for tickets. There are veterans who can’t afford to come that would like to, so please keep that in mind and in heart when contributing.

When asked about his own life experiences and what advice he gives to fellow veterans struggling with either PTSD or addiction Fred says “I listen to the veteran or family member and see what the problem might be and I share my experiences, strength and hope with them. I also make them aware of many programs that are available and where the help ca be found. In a lot of cases I normally get them to the Veterans Affairs office and get the ball rolling.”

“A lot of the veterans and families I work with, things don’t happen overnight. I 3rd Annual normally meet with him or her a few times just to talk about I went though and we share a bit. I know that one veteran talking with another veteran we
have the best results. I also tell him we will never let him down so if he falls we will be there to pick him back up and we
never give up”

“The biggest purpose of the golf tournament is to pull our soldier veterans and their families together so they can talk with each other and bond and great things happen all we gotta do is get them together and the magic begins.”

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