Milton and Halton region in general have long stood against the proposed CN intermodal yard, a project under heavy scrutiny since 2015. While recognizing the importance of intermodal transportation in the national supply chain, our community’s opposition stems from the proposed yard’s dangerous and unprecedented location, which according to the environmental impact assessment agency’s findings, presents significant adverse environmental effects and unmitigable risks to human health.

Despite campaigning on this issue and pledging to stop CN’s affront to our community in 2019, the federal government’s 2021 approval of the project marked a stark departure from its commitments to Milton. This decision sparked widespread outrage and feelings of betrayal within the Milton and broader Halton Region communities.
Halton Region took the federal government’s decision to court. The subsequent legal battle led to a Federal Court ruling on March 1, 2024, revoking the project’s approval. The court criticized the government’s disregard for the project’s health impacts, underscoring the power of community activism in upholding legal and ethical standards and the necessity for development to respect health, safety, and environmental integrity.

An Urgent Plea to Our MP
We now call for action by all residents of Milton to reach out to our Member of Parliament, Adam van Koeverden. This collective effort seeks to hold our representative countable, urging him to prioritize the health and safety of his constituents over corporate interests and to advocate for his government to put a stop to this proposal at this location once and for all. This is more than a local issue; it’s a stand for all Canadian communities against development practices that prioritize corporate interests over Canadians.

Let’s unite our voices, demanding action and accountability. Canadian communities deserve a future where development is both responsible and respectful of our health, safety, and environmental needs.

Send an email to our Member of Parliament, Adam van Koeverden: adam.vankoeverden@parl.gc.caVisit our website for more information and for a letter template you can use:

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