Photos by Ann Kornuta

Students, and teachers at Milton District High School offered Miltonians a taste of their community April 6, 2017.  Local Milton restaurants were invited to participate in the eighth annual Taste of Milton fundraiser for the school’s programs.

Tickets were $25 each.  Attendees were given a plate, and able to sample foods from many different restaurants, including Shoeless Joes, Rad Brothers, Little Kabul Restaurant and Troy’s Diner.  They were seated at round tables scattered through the school gym decorated with table cloths, and full place settings.  Student volunteers were around to help as needed with clearing away dishes, or pouring water from the jugs on the table.

The evening’s festivities kicked off with a series of speeches from organizers.  “If you’re having problems, hold a dinner party,” they said.  Music was performed by a student band set-up on the grandstands above the floor.

The evening marked Kirstin Colliver’s third time at Taste of Milton.  “You see people you haven’t seen in a long time,” she said.  Colliver saw people she’d gone to high school with.  She liked a lot of the rice-based dishes.  The Taste of Milton has been part of the community for eight years.  The original organizer was in attendance, and appreciated the event’s success.

It was Janet Clark’s first time at the event.  “We loved it.  We’ll come back next year,” she said.  Some of her favourites included Pho Milton, and The Green Eatery.  Her son is in Grade 9, and part of the school band.   “Hopefully it will help support the programs,” she said.   Proceeds from the event were spread among the programs.

Shoeless Joe’s, a perennial favorite at the Taste of Milton was in attendance.   One of the owners, Glynis was on hand serving up tasty food samples.   “We’re happy to take part in this annual tradition and introduce people to our new menu while at the same time supporting the students at Milton District High School.  At Shoeless Joe’s we believe in being an active partner in helping the local community”.

This year there was an emphasis on the Wilderness North program.  There was a notice placed on each table describing it as an “experiential outdoor learning opportunity,” where students take a trip to Northern Ontario and face nature, and all the challenges it has to offer.  It’s offered to Grade 10 students, and it consistently ranks among the highlights of students’ four years of high-school.  To keep up-to-date on what’s going on in Milton District High School follow them on Twitter:


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