The renowned Milton-based NGO, Hum-WE, hosted its much-anticipated “Hum-Sayeban Charity Dinner” recently drawing an impressive crowd of over 150 attendees. The event, which aimed to shed light on the pressing issue of domestic violence, particularly among South Asian women, was graced by several prominent figures, including Milton’s MP Adam Van Koeverden, Regional Councilors Sameera Ali and Samy Ijaz, as well as representatives from the Halton Police Services and other community leaders.

Hum-WE’s mission is unwavering: to address and combat the challenges faced by women who have endured emotional and physical trauma from domestic violence. through a range of services, including counseling, workshops, and seminars, the NGO ofers a safe platform for women to connect, share personal experiences confidentially, and access community resources. Their programs are designed to bolster social, emotional, and financial well-being.

The evening was marked by networking opportunities, heartfelt speeches, and personal testimonies. Sadia Khalid, the Executive Director of Hum-WE, and Councilor Sameera Ali were among the key speakers. Several beneficiaries of Hum-WE’s services also shared their transformative journeys, emphasizing the organization’s pivotal role in their healing process.
Iram Amjad, one of the attendees, remarked, “Hum-WE has been instrumental in highlighting the prevalenceof domestic violence in our community. Their efforts have empowered countless women to reclaim their independence.”
MP Adam Van Koeverden, addressing the gathering, emphasized the collective responsibility in addressing domestic violence. “This isn’t solely a women’s issue. It’s imperative for men to introspect, educate themselves, and guide the next generation. It’s about recognizing the root of the problem and addressing it proactively. This transcends race or ethnicity; it’s a matter of humanity.”
The charity dinner was a resounding success, raising over $65,000 in a single evening. These funds will directly assist more than 108 women, covering legal fees, food, counseling, and shelter services. During the event, signicant donations were announced. HCI (Human Concern International) made a generous contribution of $25,000, and Pervez Akhter of Autotech Emporium pledged a commendable $12,000, both manifesting their steadfast commitment to the cause. In a significant move towards expanding its outreach, HumWE announced its plans to purchase and inaugurate a new shelter, ensuring a safe haven for women aected by domestic violence.
With the unwavering support of the community, Hum-WE continues its mission to provide a lifeline to those in need, one step at a time.

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