“On May 25th I performed at Massey Hall, it was an incredible experience. Her band was so wonderful,her tour manager took really good care of me. I got to meet her dog Poppy! Jann was awesome,she even took some time that night to film my sound check so I would have content for Tik Tok.”

Billianne belongs to a musical family:

“My mom sang in a choir … My dad plays guitar as a hobby and loves music and instruments of all kinds…. My brother taught himself piano, and was the first person I ever recorded a song with when I was 6…. My sister can sing and play the flute… My other brother has a wonderful voice and a very creative mind which I always looked up to…. I was always writing songs.”

Over the years, coaches and teacher: Erin Narain, Mrs Hobden, Mr Fournier, Mr Carson-Foster, Mr.Cummings, Mr. Foster, have inspired and encouraged her musical journey.

Billi has always been part of the Milton Music Scene: She was on the worship team at her local church – Southside; Helped with music for soccer camps during the summer; Performed on Open mic at Starbucks; Was a Shining Star at the 2022 Milton Strawberry Festival;

Music has played an important part in Billianne’s life, as she performed in recitals and talent shows. She learned the trombone and joined bands in middle school. In Milton District High School she focused more on her voice and performed as a singer with various bands.

Recently during a CTV interview, Billi described how she simply records all her songs in her room “with my 2 $15 monitors I got from Re-Store! But they worked! That’s all I needed!” The interviewer commented that “Billi’s humility is still intact!”

In 2019, she first started to post on TikTok: “It was pretty new. I liked it because it was short clips and I could post my originals and covers easily. In October 2021, I had my first real viral video, my cover of Simply the Best in the style of the Schitt’s Creek version that Patrick sings to David. (Noah Reid version).

“I had never experienced so many people outside of my family that made comments that were so thoughtful, like ‘your voice is like a campfire’ ‘your voice is like wearing cozy socks on a cool October night’ -things like that. It reached a million views in just a couple of weeks.”

A record label reached out to her (Selene under Avex USA) and after meeting with them a few times she signed with them. “We released my first cover and single on all streaming platforms February 2022.”

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