An Event Ontario business club is an initiative to bring together Event sponsors and individuals interested in business-related activities. Club members will be offered a membership card and they are welcome to offer discounts to the other fellow members to keep the business going in both directions

The club members meet every quarterly to provide updates on their industry and the products they offer. Event Ontario has moved forward with the idea by introducing a website,, for the general public to join the club and avail themselves of the discounts the business club members offer. Following are some of the highlights and benefits provided to the business club members.

1. Networking: EO Business clubs create a platform for members to connect with like-minded individuals, professionals, and potential mentors. Networking events, guest speakers, and social gatherings are often organized to facilitate these connections.

2. Knowledge Sharing: Members of a business club may have diverse backgrounds and experiences, making it an ideal environment for sharing industry insights, trends, and best practices. This knowledge exchange can contribute to the overall growth and learning of the club’s members.

3. Events and Activities: Business clubs frequently organize conferences, panel discussions, case competitions, and company visits. These activities provide members with exposure to realworld business scenarios and help them apply theoretical knowledge to practical situations.

4. Entrepreneurship Support: Some business clubs focus on supporting aspiring entrepreneurs by providing resources, mentorship, and a platform to discuss and develop business ideas.

5. Community Outreach: Business clubs may engage in community service or outreach programs to contribute to the local community. This can help members develop a sense of social responsibility and leadership.

6. Professional Connections: Clubs often establish relationships with local businesses, industry professionals, and alumni networks, creating opportunities for members to connect with potential employers or mentors. JJoin EO Business club now at The EON Business Club also offers discounts and benefits to the EOSCL players and these offers are available on You can also see more details on their FB page at

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