At Milton Town Council on April 15th council reviewed a zoning by-law amendment by the developer of the three story condo complex at the South East corner of Derry & Ontario Street. The developer was requesting both a re-introduction of a three-storey 27-unit stacked townhouse complex beside the 14, 20 and 25 storey buildings currently being constructed as well as a reduction on the number of visitor parking spaces for for the overall development.

Milton Planning and Transportation staff stated they were reluctant to allow the developer to reduce the visitor parking as only a small number of developments in Milton have such a low visitor parking space rate. The developer consented to have their request peer reviewed and that peer review “generally accepted” the reduction of visitor parking spaces.

Councillor Best raised concerns about the proximity to Derry Road in regards to appropriate setbacks and displayed photos highlighting both health and safety concerns with the development.

Councillor  Adil Khalqi raised concerns in regards to current overcapacity issues with Milton schools and how adding additional units would add to school overcrowding.
Milton Council voted to approve the developer requested changes, with Khalqi and Best being against the proposal.
Councillor Sammy Ijaz who is the regional councillor for the area hadno comments or questions during the meeting for the developer. He was asked after the council meeting why he voted to approve the development but he declined to answer.
When finally constructed, this will be one of the largest residential complexes in Milton with the 14, 20 and 25 storey buildings being detached homes. adjacent to nearby single family detached homes.

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