All of seventeen and Aarav Bhatt has written lyrics, composed music and now even acted in his first ever singles which are out on YouTube. This dance enthusiast also plays a few musical instruments, is an artist and don’t forget he is a DJ too!

A jack of many trades, Aarav is a master musician. Aarav says he was thirteen years old when he had his first music technology class, where he learned how to produce and write songs more in-depth. He says over the years he has tried to polish his talent. “My biggest inspirations are Justin Bieber, Lauv, Charlie Puth & The Kid Laroi. Even a little bit of Ed Sheeran too. These artists are currently putting out some of the most amazing-sounding music, and I’m here for it.” says Aarav. Telling us about the ‘Me and You’, his first music video Aarav says, “The music video is about liking this girl, and she texts you that she’s coming over, so you spend the whole day cleaning the house and tidying up so it can look good for her to show up.”

Talking to us about filming his first music video he says it was a bittersweet experience. The threehour shoot went by smoothly, however miscommunication with the editor ended up with Aarav editing the final video. This boy’s talent has no end!

When asked about his YouTube Channel, Aarav said, “I used to be a gamer and my gaming profile also had ‘lost’ in it. It was something I knew I wanted to keep when By Diksha Pal Narayan I was coming up with my name. People get confused with the name and at times call me Losts. When the name I thought of was Lost’s Official Youtube. I do find it odd and would love to correct this misunderstanding. My thought process was that I would go by “Lost” and that would be my artist name, and “LostsOfficial” would just be my Youtube & IG name, but that plan soon got shut down as there are so many artists with the name Lost. So I embraced the situation and I now love the name. My name is Lost/LostsOfficial.

Proud parents Vanadana and Raj Bhatt say, “Aarav won the Kids fashion week at four years old and then worked on TV commercials and corporate videos in Dubai and Canada. We drove 6-year-old Aarav around Milton for after-school classes seven days a week to see where his genuine interest and heart were and decided to push only his passion. It took a while until he found music was what he wanted to do. We’re so proud of what he’s done on his own and will continue supporting his dreams.” What is next on the cards for the young musicians?

Aarav says, “My second music video, ‘Bite Me’ came out on May 6th, which was very exciting. I think this song will explode with the proper marketing, promotion, and even a Tik Tok blow up.” Aarav describes his music as energetic, different, versatile, fun, and catchy. Check out his music videos, ‘Me & You’ and ‘Bite Me’ on YouTube.

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