Much of the landscape looks very familiar while watching Simrandeep Randhawa’s video because this was partly filmed along a country road in Milton.

Simrandeep, whose stage name is Simz Randhawa, has written over 50 songs and would like to release at least 5-6 songs every year to make Milton proud! “As a Miltonian” he said, “I always wanted my debut song to be shot in Milton”.

The video of his debut song as a singer has garnered over half a million views within 2 weeks. The Mill Pond was where the ending scenes of the video were shot. “It was great” he said, “to see random people come and show us their support while filming. Most of the video was shot near Britannia and Bell School Line at a farmhouse with a beautiful escarpment background. I’d like to thank my neighbor friend –Rui who let us use his father in law’s place to shoot the video.

“My Father passed away when I was still a teenager. I have come a long way because of my mother who has always supported me. It was my dream to have her see her son in a music video. I love my family and friends and want everyone to succeed and be famous. All the people in the video are known to me. My brothers are also a part of this video and I’d like to thank them for their help and support.” 

Simrandeep and his young family moved to Milton in 2015: “It would be an understatement to say we like living in Milton. We LOVE living here and can’t think of moving anywhere else. The people and community are so generous and helpful that you don’t feel away from home (We are from India).  It’s one of the friendliest and safest cities to live in.  

“Even though I am a singer, I never had any passion for singing. I’ve been writing songs since 2012 and used to write them as a hobby. A US based Punjabi singer released 2 songs that I wrote for him in 2013. It wasn’t until 2015 when I got a job in Canada in a media house where I met a lot of Punjabi celebrities. I approached them with my songs but it never worked out. In 2017, I realized that most of the writers were becoming singers and I too started taking singing lessons. My passion for writing developed into singing my own songs.

“The song is about a guy who is very protective and doesn’t let others mess around with him or his girl. Their car breaks down and they take it to a car garage to get it fixed. This is when one of the bad guys comes and starts teasing the girl and the story takes off from there. The song also has vocals of my friend Karanveer. The title of the song is Jack Check which means my friends are very influential and carry  a no- nonsense approach.”

His song is very catchy and makes you want to get up and dance! His very pleasant mellow voice is one we shall definitely hear more of in the future.

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