The 5th annual Chris Hadfield Public School Rock Concert was a spectacular success on May 25th during the school’s end of the year celebration. Eight different home grown rock bands from the elementary school performed rock and pop tunes entertaining the parent council run event. The bands consisted of grade 4 to grade 8 students that attend the school and they practiced in an extracurricular activity run by the head of the music department Ms Dey throughout the school year. She even fronted a staff band including the Vice Principal. The spring concert has been a staple since Ms Dey began teaching at the school. The community was delighted to see the return of the event last year after the pandemic. Highlights included songs like Beat It performed by grade 5 band 51 Pilots who are only 10 years old. A grade 8 band called Blue Dey showed their talent with songs like Mr. Blue Sky and Teen Spirit. The performance was managed by the student stage crew. Music thrives in Milton

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