You can help the Milton Special Olympics Mighty Ducks attend the 2024 National Olympics in Calgary!!
The Mighty Ducks floor hockey team has been playing and training for almost a quarter century. Each week, you can find a hard-working, determined set of players gathering to pass, shoot and score their way to success.

Now, in 2024, the Milton Mighty Ducks have pushed and struggled to gain the unique opportunity to compete in the National Olympics in Calgary. The athletes, coach and their families are beaming with pride and bursting with excitement.

Defenseman Keri Leslie: “To represent Milton…it would be a great experience. We’ve never got this far before and it will be fun to see and play teams from all over the world.”

Forward William MacNeil: “I have been playing floor hockey for about 15 years and worked very hard in learning the sport. To go to the National Games is the ultimate honour and experience before I retire from the sport and make my coaches, who work very hard, proud.”

How can you help?

The team needs financial support to pay for travel and equipment. Please go to the link below and make a contribution. Consider an amount of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you afford – It will help!
Forward Gregory Sanderson: “People can support our team by cheering us on and donating to help us
”Head Coach Ron Twiss: “…I have three athletes that have played with me all 24 years! is is a big honour to represent Milton and Ontario in Calgary. I know the team is ready and will make Milton proud.”

Share the information with your friends, family and connections. Click Click and Support witha donation of $25, $50, $100 or whatever you afford – It will help!

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