2020 has changed everything about our world from the way we do business and socialize, to the way we grieve.  On October 7th the Townsend Smith Hospice Foundation hosted an online vigil on Zoom.  Miltonians had to register in advance and were sent a link via email to log on, in order to participate.

Candles were dropped off at attendees’ homes, and they could light them in memory of a loved one.  The service lasted about 45 minutes and included readings from prominent Miltonians, as well as music.   The most meaningful part of the service came near its conclusion as attendees were invited to share memories of their loved ones, or an intention for the world.

COVID-19’s restrictions have led to a lot isolation, which, intensifies struggles with mental health.  If you need to talk to someone you can visit Halton’s official website and search Mental Health.  You can also call the Distress Centre of Halton at: 905-877-1211. You are not alone.

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