On July 4th Milton celebrated it’s 164th anniversary. Milton was first incorporated on July 4th 1857. Yes we are older than Canada..

While Milton’s 164th birthday shows our town has a long history, you may be surprised to know that it’s now the 200 year anniversary when in 1821 Jasper Martin and his wife, Sarah, and their two young sons arrived from England and established themselves on 100 acres in the area now named Martin Street downtown Milton.

Jasper built his mill drawing it’s power from our 16 Mile Creek, and it turned the gristmill and helped drive settlers to our town. Which was then named Martin’s Mills but once they reached the stupendous population of 100 they met, gathered together and decided to change our name to Milton forever more.

Our history is fascinating. To help celebrate the date local Milton Town Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo hosted a Birthday Cake Slice pickup. Regional Councillor Mike Cluett loaned his special Town of Milton Flag for the event while Miltonians attended through the day driving up to pickup a slice of Cake and say a few words.

Covid19 regulations were followed and no more than 25 people were in attendance at any one time, with many simply driving up to receive their cake slice.

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