Milton is a place of possibilities but sometimes the wheels of bureaucracy and zoning can interfere with entrepreneurship and job creation. That’s why local Milton Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo brought forth a proposal to Milton Council for Town Staff to bring forth a home business program pilot project in our town. Milton’s current bylaws are highly restrictive on home businesses and don’t take into consideration some of the small micro-businesses that many families could start from their homes.

“COVID and the pandemic has redefi ned what is possible what you can do in the house,” he said. “There are many micro-businesses in Milton that have been very successful and many have moved on to commercial space, but a lot of them started in homes.

He cautioned though that expanding home business eligibility should not come at the expense of increased traffic or noise in our local residential neighbourhoods. Councillor Di Lorenzo mentioned that local entrepreneur Mariana Fernandes who recently received a large fi ne for attempting to start a small micro-business from her home was partially the inspiration behind this motion. After Milton Council unanimously passed the motion, Ms Fernandes had this to say;

“Rick , I can speak in behalf of all of those affected by this bylaw and their families, to thank you for this initiative and making this happen. As you can’t wait to implement it, I can’t wait to be able to operate my business again. And contribute to our growing town.”


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