Step Up To The Plate 5 by the Dads of Milton (DOM) took part at the Lion’s Park in Milton last month. The annual fundraiser chose Nelson the Giant this year, which aims to reduce bullying by building awareness and educating our youth. Founded by Sandy Gemmill, Nelson the Giant is also the focus of a movie in development which aims to spread the message of anti-bullying to students and children across Canada. The event featured a home run derby and also had delicious eats donated by East Side Marios.

“It was great to see people from all over town get together for an afternoon of fun and laughter.” said Sandeep Sambhi, DoM spokesperson for the event.

James Secondino, DoM organizer – “It was an easy “yes” to support Sandy and Nelson the Giant. Living simple, being kind to one another, being helpful, practicing empathy are some of the core foundations of the Dads of Milton. I immediately felt as though Sandy’s mission through Nelson was synonymous with that of the DoMs” Sandy Gemmill added “When I first had the opportunity to speak with James Secondino, I immediately heard a strong sense of sincerity in his voice and I felt an honest willingness from him to want to support “Nelson the Giant“, in its mission to promote social harmony for children and to “THUMP” out bullying.”

“It wasn’t until weeks later, on a followup call, when James shared the great news that The Dads of Milton had decided that “Nelson the Giant” would be the recipient of the group’s largest fundraising event of the year. I wasn’t quite sure what that meant exactly, but I was pleased and very appreciative, to say the least.”

“Saturday, August 27, 2022, was absolutely mind-blowing. It was incredible to watch The Dads of Milton in action, putting on such a high calibre and memorable event for the community.”

“It was beyond heart-warming to see those same guys (and supporting friends and families) holding GIANT plush hearts and putting on Nelson’s giant shoes to #thumpoutbullying, leaving a giant impression on my heart, and, clearly, on many hearts in our community. I am sincerely grateful.”

As is all of Milton to Dads of Milton, Sandy Gemmill, and the volunteers and sponsors who made this all possible. Working together, we can make a difference.

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