The Dads of Milton (DoMs) recently ran their third annual homerun derby and charity fundraiser, Step Up to the Plate (SUP) 3.0. Held at Lions Park on Saturday, August 29.  They helped raise over $6500 for Food4Kids.

“I can’t imagine what some families had to go through.  We are just a group of guys that tried to do what we could with what we got.    We had a good turnout, a lot of energy, excitement, and a lot of fun.  I love Milton” said James Secondino one of the event organizers.

“If we don’t do it for the Kids, what kind of dads are we,” said Mario Chagas about the group’s charitable partner this year being Food4Kids.    Food4Kids Halton provides healthy food packages for kids aged 4-14 years with limited or no access to food each weekend and throughout the summer months.

“This is awesome, I can’t express how much this means to the children of our community.” Said Gayle Kabbash the Executive Director for Food4Kids.

The Dads of Milton

Starting as a way to increase the feeling of community and the involvement of the men that live in Milton, The Dads of Milton (The DoMs) have grown into a passionate group of over 950 members. To give back to the community and the people in it, The DoMs organize fundraising events for charity and contribute to larger events put on by the town of Milton and other organizations. To them, health, safety, and happiness are paramount when building a successful community in which they are proud to raise their children.

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