Milton’s first Walking4Parkinson’s kicks off at Town Hall
by Rick Di Lorenzo

On September 20th Milton had it’s first official Walking4Parkinson’s kicked off by local Milton resident Rob Hewlett.     Mr. Hewlett has been taking part in Walks for Parkinson for the past 17 years in nearby Burlington.  But Milton is his home and he felt that it was time for Milton to have it’s own walk.

Milton’s inaugural first walk as low key due to COVID19 restrictions but plans are in motion for 2021 which will hopefully be post-covid.    Joining the walk was Kevin Farmer who held an online Drumming for Parkinson’s Fundraiser that helped raise over $10,000 through his live streaming event.  It was an intense marathon with Kevin literally spending 12 hours from 9am to 9pm on August 30th drumming non-stop while streaming it online asking for donations.

Joe van Koeverden the father of Milton’s MP Adam van Koeverden was on hand as well after recently completing over 1 million steps in Peterborough’s walk where he also successfully raised $10,000.

Rob Hewlett spoke at the Walk kickoff about his own personal history with Parkinson’s.  He first got involved when his father was diagnosed.  His Dad loved music, and he would often volunteer Rob’s DJ  services to provide music for different Parkinson fundraiser events.   Rob would provide the music, sound system and emcee and entertain the walkers.   His father has since passed away but he knows he is watching over him and Rob continues each year to help raise funds and awareness to help combat Parkinson’s.

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