Dear Milton,
Please stand with us NOW against the proposed CN Milton Logistics Hub (inter-modal terminal) planned for Britannia and Tremaine Roads (and flanked by Lower Base Line). This massive, 400-acre, heavy-industrial facility will add 1,600 transport trucks PER DAY to our roads and does not belong in this proposed location.

If you have lived in Milton for some time, you know about this and you have probably seen the recent news about the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency-led public hearing taking place right now in Milton almost daily until mid-July at the Holiday Inn Milton on High Point Drive. The public is welcome to attend any and all session dates.

If you moved to Milton only recently, you NEED to know about this (especially if you bought a home along Britannia).

Milton Says No speaks on your behalf. You can look to us to represent your concerns and to learn about this proposal. Send us your questions  through our website, our Facebook page or by emailing ‘’

Milton Says No stands with the united municipalities of Oakville, Burlington, Halton Hills, Milton and the Regional Municipality of Halton in their opposition to this location. We stand with other citizen groups such as Milton Residents Affected by Intermodal Lines who have fought the development of an intermodal terminal at this location for over a decade.

Milton Says No is a bit of a misnomer. We are a citizen-run, volunteer organization that was started in March of 2015. We formed Milton Says No because we were and are opposed to this location. We serve as a liaison between everyday citizens and the various entities and governments involved.

We do not say “NO” to CN. We say “NO” to this location. We say “NO” to a private, for-profit corporation (CN Rail) that is trying to apply outdated legislation to get around the jurisdiction of our municipal, regional and provincial
plans, laws, zoning and wishes.

The following are our concerns:
• This development at this location would be economically, environmentally and physically devastating to Milton, its citizens and to the region.
• Approving this project could set a dangerous precedent, further emboldening a private, for-profit corporation to usurp municipalities.
• We are deeply concerned that CN has not acted in good faith, nor have they shared good information about this facility. This is not a foundation on which to build a long-lasting,mutually-beneficial community relationship as CN is claiming to do.
• As a community, we feel bullied, lied to, and we also feel that we are at the mercy of not only CN but their friends and partners across the country who are also bullying us with endorsements for a project which has the potential to seriously harm our region for the sake of their gains.

Our position is quite simple. We are opposed to this proposed location. We are not, however, opposed to CN. We are equal proponents of intermodal, in general, as a means for removing trucks from our national roads and supplying busy, growing markets across our vast country. We recognize intermodal transportation as vital to Canada and to the GTHA. But we believe  his must happen in cooperation with host communities and in locations that are mutually agreed upon. We do not believe hat CN has done its due diligence in sourcing an appropriate location. We also suggest that CN has not acted with the Canadian transportation network and its distribution partners in mind. It would have been no surprise that Halton and its respective municipalities would not approve of this location. Yet CN moved forward, despite our opposition. The result has been years of delay, bureaucracy and distress in our community as well as further, avoidable delays. If CN truly cares about boosting the Canadian intermodal network, it ought to have chosen an appropriate location from the start.

This is how we feel as a united community. We are profoundly worried that should this project be approved; it would devastate the future we have planned for our region.

This is our home. This is where we raise our families, where we participate in outdoor activities in an area renowned for its greenspace, its cycling roads, golf courses and as both a nucleus and an incubator for international and domestic athletes alike. This is a community that aspires to be a home to high tech and great jobs. This is not a community where you plunk a heavy industrial facility. These facilities are vital, but they belong in appropriately zoned, safe locations and not in the middle of our neighbour hoods, agricultural lands, employment lands and greenspace.

As an organization, we at Milton Says No ask that CN, refocus its substantial efforts by sitting back down at the table to source an appropriate, mutuallyagreed upon spot. CN, we ask you — respectfully and emphatically — to withdraw your proposal for the CN Milton Logistics Hub at this location, once and for all. 

Thank you,
The team at Milton Says No

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