Cadet Petty Officer 2nd Class Aidan Seepersaud from 304 RCSCC CHAUDIERE in Milton attended the 2021 Cadet Activity Program.

This is his personal account, in his own voice, while participating on CAP (Cadet Activity Program), which was a fully online program offered to cadets across Ontario by Cadets Canada, during the spring break, 12-19 April, and PO2 Seepersaud represented Milton. For brevity part of his submission has been removed for publication space purposes.

“I enjoyed the CAP program, mainly because of the flexibility of the activities and that it was self-led, letting me do what I would like to do. Along with the fact it was more educational in different aspects, that led me down rabbit holes, that ended up teaching me more than I expected to learn.”

“There were a wide variety of activities they had for us each day. One day could have been outdoors based, the next could have been mental health.”

“I learned more from CAP than I thought I would have. We learn about a wide range of topics, each day being themed differently, which in turn made me more curious when learning about topics such as mental health. I did more research on mental health, and now I know the importance of selfcare.

I believe that CAP was going to teach us about cadets and the military, but I learned more about myself. I also participated in physical activity, which is important to us. With CAP you can learn about different subjects youdidn’t think you’d want to know.” “I believe that this was a positive and uplifting experience and I’m proud of myself for taking the time to involve myself with CAP, and i would encourage others to put forth their best effort to do the same. “

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