In the tapestry of life, every thread is woven with purpose and meaning. For Mustafa, a dedicated father, his journey as a parent took an unexpected turn when his son was diagnosed with autism.

After Idris’s 1st birthday, Mustafa and his wife started noticing changes in their son’s behavior’s. Because of her work experience, Idris’s mom saw the early signs of autism in her son and the idea led Mustafa to meet many parents that have gone through similar experiences. It was through these connections that Mustafa saw an opportunity to make a difference.
What followed was a rollercoaster of emotions, challenges, and ultimately, a profound sense of purpose that led Mustafa to establish Milton Autism. A local grassroots organization that was recently granted federal not-for-profit registered charity status.


Many individuals on the autism spectrum benefit from various therapies and interventions, such as speech therapy, occupational therapy, and applied behavior analysis (ABA). These therapies can be expensive and may not always be fully covered by insurance, leaving families with significant outof-pocket expenses. While recreational activities can have therapeutic benefits and can be important for the overall well-being of individuals with autism, government funding prioritizes other types of services and supports, and hardly covers recreational activities. Elaine Cray – Special Friends Network “Our community of folks with disabilities is the most overlooked, marginalized group in Ontario. There is a huge and desperate need for funding, services, adapted programming and inclusive activities for our children and adults with disabilities”.


Finding adaptive programs for autistic children can indeed be costly. Milton Autism’s main objective is to work together with local businesses and to create and subsidize these programs. Programs like dance, music therapy, art, sports, martial arts are some programs Milton Autism is looking to create and fund. Milton Autism is thrilled to have teamed up with Milton Springer for their first initiative. The Adaptive Gymnastics program at Milton Springers is designed for children and youth who require additional support and is inclusive to all! Milton Springers currently offers 1:1 adaptive gymnastics classes, rebound therapy as well as social groups for individuals with additional needs and personalized goals. The passionate and trained coaches at Milton Springers ensure this program is a safe place for athletes to grow and develop skills. Aislinn Martin is the Adaptive Gymnastics Coordinator at Milton Springers Gymnastics Club. In addition to being the Recreational Gymnastics Program Director, Aislinn has developed and prioritized a program that is suitable for everyone. Aislinn has an advanced diploma in Child and Youth Care, with a post-graduate certificate in Autism and Behavioral Science.


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