Driving along Regional Road 25 into the heart of Milton was brightened recently by the lights of Allendale. This has happened due to an outpouring of love and effort from countless extraordinary citizens in a very short amount of time.

It all began one evening in the middle of December 2020. Laraine Goodban was feeling sad.  She had been visiting Gordon, her husband of 53 years. Looking at Allendale where her husband was now living, she thought about how the people on the inside (Gordon included) would appreciate some Christmas lights outside their windows. She asked Allendale Administrator Sean Weylie if it was do-able and he said YES!!!

She put a video on social media saying that Christmas lights were needed and VOILA she got a message that Mustafa Sajid wanted to give back to the Milton  community.

The message that Laraine (Lily daPink) posted on social media had touched Mustafa Sajid’s heart.

“I was looking for a way to help people. I am a community person” he explained. “It’s been a tough year.”

Mustafa is a local realtor. He has lived in Milton for 15 years. “My kids were born in Milton. I’ve lived here longer than anywhere else.” he said, “I love Milton.  So we had to do it right. That included sanitising everything and social distancing. When I do something I’m not half assed. I can’t be underwhelming. I’m not that sort of a person! My clients say I change lives for the better.”

Laraine said “Mustafa put a message out to his DOM (Dads of Milton) group and Milton Strong and in minutes got all kinds of donations, supplies, love.”

One of the first people to call him back was Councillor Mike Cluett who wanted to help. He suggested that they store things in the Dance Shoppe.

By the end of the first day, they had many people involved in all sorts of ways.

“My Angels were there to do everything for me” said Mustafa, “I had my Angels everywhere! It was magical!”

“Tyler Fergus was the creator of the fancy pictures for the Facebook page. The lights and decorations can be seen on his walkabout videos of the 3 courtyards that have been illuminated”. Laraine said, “Donations and help were given by Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon, Milton Superstore. Walmart, Canadian Tire, Troy’s Diner, Caribbean Vibe, Scooter’s Gourmet  foods, Rick Imus and his musical band, Adam van Koeverden who helped every day, Jeanie White expeditor extraordinary,  Jen Coop and Maria Tassone Christmas card collectors and sorters, most excellent. (“If I missed anyone,” said Laraine, “it was an accident!”)

 “We hoped to get over 500 cards for residents and staff. (We have exceeded that). Young people, teachers, parents were asking if they could make cards. It is so amazing. These are gifts from the heart!  It is all so beautiful- all this Christmas spirit pulling the community together almost magically in a cosmic magnetic pull kind of way!

“All in all” continued Laraine, “Mustafa Sajid and Mike Cluett became ‘Wishmaster Duo’ especially Mustafa Sajid. His energy is limitless and his smile would melt Scrooge’s heart and his caring for others is infectious!!!  This kind of infection should become a ‘Worldwide Pandemic’ of pure joy and selflessness and being kind to one another (following COVID-19 protocols of course).  These beautiful people have restored my faith in humanity and have brought mine and lots of other people’s wishes and dreams come true…  

“May your God bless you all xo …”

 Allendale Administrator Sean Weylie sent a message:

‘The staff and residents at Allendale are touched by the kind gesture and the outpouring of kindness and received from the community, not only during this time of the year, but throughout the pandemic. We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the Lighting up Allendale group for their efforts. They certainly have succeeded in brightening our lives and spreading holiday cheer throughout our home. We are very fortunate to have the support of our community, dedicated staff, volunteers, and caregivers to help keep our residents safe and healthy.’

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