Allendale is a Long Term Care facility in Milton that recently in 2020 has been ”Lighting Up Allendale” each Christmas due to a dedicate group of volunteers wanting to bring Christmas Cheer to the residents.

Many Residents at Allendale do not have a present to open on Christmas morning and the Staff and Family Council intend do make sure that is not the case going forward. The Residents were asked to make a Christmas wishlist and Family Council and Lighting Up Allendale have taken it upon themselves to help put a smile on every residents face on Christmas morning.

The most frequently requested items are personal care / toiletries, socks, pj’s, tops, pants, magazines and even some Leafs Shirts. If you would like to help and be a Santa to a senior, reach out to David or Mustafa: or and they can provide you with Detailed items from the wishlist. This year Lightening up Allendale returns, but they need help both on gifts as well as light installation on Saturday December 10th. This gift of Giving is a live and well in Milton and you can be involved this Christmas.

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