Milton Ontario has a great deal to offer when it comes to individual artists and creators. If you have been lucky enough to hear the voice of Milton Singer Antonella Vizzini, then you’ll be happy to learn more about her! And if you have yet to discover this performer – let me introduce you…

Antonella Vizzini moved to Milton from Toronto in 2001 when she married her husband Tony. The couple have two sons, including 17-year-old Dante and 11-year-old Luca. Antonella began singing at a very young age when she was encouraged by a music teacher in elementary school. She began performing professionally at the young age of 16. Since then, she has performed in song festivals, wedding ceremonies and receptions and various restaurants.

In Milton she has been asked to sing at numerous local spots including Marquee Steakhouse & Piano Lounge, Pasqualino’s, La Rose Bakery and The Italian Cultural Centre of Milton. She also brings great joy to local seniors as part of JV Music for Seniors. She says, “This part of my job as a performer is very rewarding as it brings joy to deserving seniors, and to myself.”

As a young woman, Vizzini’s idols included Olivia Newton-John, Whitney Houston and many well-known jazz musicians including Ella Fitzgerald, Billy Holiday and Natalie Cole. For this reason, she often performs pop music and much-loved jazz standards. Antonella continues to enjoy jazz and big band swing music, and has performed often as part of the Milton Concert Swing Band since 2016.

The singer’s Italian heritage is rooted deeply within her family and herself. Singing in Italian is something that comes naturally to Antonella. Although born in Canada, she grew up speaking Italian with her parents, and her home was filled with Italian music and culture. Vizzini describes her youth: “My mom listened to CHIN radio while she sewed, and my dad (the musician) rehearsed in our basement with his band, playing popular Italian music of the 70’s.” Her father also lived in Venezuela before moving to Canada, where he embraced Latin musical influences, and passed this love on to his daughter.

In May 2021, Vizzini released her first album, “My Italian Romance”, a work which includes her take on some of the most beloved Italian love songs. It also features a single entitled ““E penso a te.” The video for this song, filmed by Foto Factory and Films, can be found on the Singer’s YouTube channel. Antonella says of this dream, “I’ve always wanted to record an album and till now other priorities in my life took precedence. When Covid hit and the music stopped, it affected me greatly. I felt almost lost and very anxious. Expressing myself through music is the one way I find purpose and it is an outlet from the challenges of my daily life.” You can find Antonella on Sunday, July 25 at the Royal Botanical Gardens during their “Music in the Garden” series in Hendrie Park, or at her album release party in late August. To listen and learn more, search Antonella Vizzini on YouTube or find her on Instagram @ Antonella_vizzini. Milton Dad and Tim Hortons show appreciation to Senior Living Centre front line support workers.

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