Sayyidah Fatemah Islamic Centre of Milton hosted an Inter-Faith Iftar where community members of all faiths and backgrounds were invited to celebrate Peace & Harmony.

There was delicious food served as well as several key-note inspirational speeches given by multiple attendees. The speaking was started by Saeed Zafar, President of Sayyidah Fatemah Islamic Centre, talking about the significance of Ramadan and how it encourages Muslims to strengthen their relationship with God and their community. He also highlighted the importance of reaching out to people of all faiths and building bridges of understanding and cooperation.

In talking about the month of Ramadan and Iftar, Shaykh Ali Elsayed spoke about the deeper meaning. “It’s about understanding the deep questions of why are here. It is about actually a time where a person applies discipline on themselves in order to polish the mirror of their hearts. So they can experience that connection to their Lord. And all religions, Allah says that in the holy verses, that all religions came. Allah made this an obligation to all faiths and you find this in almost all paths and faiths.”

“This magnificent creation is an opportunity for human beings to reach something far more profound than what we see here. To have a connection with the one who fashioned this whole creation. The real connection, and Ramadan is the biggest opportunity of the year for Muslims to experience that.”


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