Everyone knows that the numeric 0, Ayurveda, and yoga come from India. The religions of Sikhism, Buddhism and Jainism also originate from here. But did you know the popular game – shoots and ladder, was created in India? This game was designed to teach morals and lessons on Karma to children. There were a lot of hidden gems that we discovered about India during the first-ever India Heritage Day during Asian Heritage Month.

The Milton Public Library and the Canadian Indian Association of Halton Region (CIA) collaborated to showcase the vibrancy of Canadian Indians in our town. While talking to the CIA President, Mr. Jagmohan Mainra, he said, “We are so happy to get the opportunity to share our culture with the town. Canada and India are pretty similar as we both have a rich diversity that we share. I want to thank MPL and Erin for the opportunity. Erin Auger, the Manager of MPL, was instrumental in making this happen.”

The students of Mrs. Mahalakshmi Anand kicked off the event. The children learning Carnatic music had their first performance or ‘arangetram’. Mrs. Anjul Sharma’s students, learning Kathak, danced to Lord Ram Bhajan. The South Asian Mommies of Milton showcased the beauty of ancient dance forms of Bharatnatyam (by Deepti Penkar), Kathak (by Kiran Saxena) and Odissi (by Chhanda Das Saxena) in a beautiful collaboration.

The event ended with the beautiful diversity of India displayed in the Fashion Show by Choreographer duo- Rohit and Shona Sharma. Author and storyteller Diksha Pal Narayan had a jam-packed story session where she told stories from her book and other Indian authors.

Mr. Nik Thakkar, Halton Gujarati Samaj President and a member of the Canadian Indian Association, said, “We are so happy that we are here today at the Sheridan library because education plays a crucial part in Indian culture. Canadian Indians believe that educating and expanding the mind from an early age is equally important. Libraries are considered to be educational temples for us. And what better way to spread awareness about the Indian community than here.”

The CIA thanked Mr. Parm Gill, MPP of Milton, for contributing to the community and for being an excellent example for Canadian Indians. India, like Canada, is a melting pot of different cultures and societies, with a history that dates back 4,500 years. The CIA’s history is six years old. This not-for-profit organization was created to give a voice to the growing minority of Indians in the Halton region. It’s an umbrella under which many Indian organizations participate. The CIA has two free events coming up for Milton Residents. The Canada Day celebrations are on the 2nd of July and the 20th of August, we have the Indian Independence celebrations at the Milton Sports Centre, Event Area A. You can find more information on the events and CIA here http://canadianindianassociation.com/

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