Necessity has always been the mother of invention and there is arguably nothing within the last century that has challenged the ingenuity of artists in producing and showing their work as COVID-19.

The Fine Arts Society of Milton (FASM) has done some hard thinking about how local artists can continue to exercise their creative impulses and to share their works with the public in a safe and easy way.  FASM is now proud to announce the launch of the FASM Gallery at

The benefits are many with this latest initiative. Artists can continue their practice and are able to post directly to the website either for display or for sale. Customers can be assured of a COVID safe transaction purchase will be sent directly to their chosen address.

The website is welcoming FASM artists as well as prospective members to participate and to enjoy the benefits of a 24/7 art experience.  Until there is a return to traditional in-person shows,  FASM  holds high hopes of offering  a drop-in way of keeping artists, art lovers,  and art buyers engaged well into the future.

FASM owes a huge debt of gratitude to two of its own members, who stepped up to create the site.

Robert Szyngiel is a Director of Professional Services at a North American real estate technology company. Kirsty Rutter is a Director of Operational Efficiency, implementing and improving processes and systems, and managing the quality program. She is also a Certified Professional Coach.

Corporate citizens by day, dedicated fine artists during their off-hours and weekends, Robert and Kirsty have brought their expertise together to construct a site that is easy to navigate and highlights the diverse ways that FASM contributes to the artistic fabric of Milton and environs.

“Through a lot of hard work and dedication, I am very proud of what Kirsty and I have built,” says Robert. “It is a very powerful tool and I hope that it will just grow from here and attract more members and be successful. “

“For artists, going digital and getting found on-line means not having to maintain a website and there’s the advantage of being part of a larger group of artists and their networks.  Art lovers can find a group of local artists to connect with as well as enjoy and purchase local art with ease.”

Kirsty feels that she and Robert were great partners for this project.  “He brought his understanding of marketing, the customer experience mindset, his knowledge of building an effective process, and a dedication to working hard to get the job done well.  I brought my knowledge of web design, my experience building effective systems, and a desire to create a site which anyone could use and was easy to manage.”   

“Both of us felt that there are many fabulous local artists who may not have either the financial resources or the technical knowledge to establish a platform to sell and market their work.  Our goal was to build a site for artists to expand their customer base, while maintaining their own brand through the Individual Artist pages.”       

Kirsty adds, “I feel that it offers artists an avenue to promote and sell their art, where they are not buried under a large number of artists and work (like Etsy). The site is secure, clean and simple for both customers and artists to use, and offers an opportunity for artists to showcase themselves and lead new customers back to their own website, if they have one.”    

“The site is being promoted by FASM thanks to Robert’s marketing expertise, and the more artists who join the site, the more they themselves promote it.” 

“So much is moving online, and the advent of COVID has significantly reduced our ability to hold and attend art shows.  For the cost of a single show, artists now have the opportunity to show their work year round.  Customers can now see that work year round, and have a fabulous source of new and emerging art work.” 

Kirsty sums up, “The potential for it is significant, and I am proud to have been a part of it.”

 For more details, visit www.

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