In a light-hearted parody of our past federal election local Milton Councillor Rick Di Lorenzo held an election sign parody fundraiser for Milton District Hospital Foundation

(MDHF). A Sign was free to Milton residents if they made a small donation ($10 or more) to a local Milton charity, agree to follow local bylaws on placement and promise not to ever

throw it in the garbage. MDHF was Di Lorenzo’s preferred charity and local Milton residents supported this by donating $2343 directly to the hospital for the campaign.

“I had personal experiences with the hospital with my two sons, Kevin and Ryan. Kevin was born with Kawasaki disease, and Ryan had jaundice. Most people don’t realize local hospitals, although the operating costs are funded by the provincial government, any equipment is funded by local sponsorships, fundraisers and donations. I wanted to make sure my own hospital had better equipment.” said Di Lorenzo.

Andrea Cayer, MDHF spokesperson highlighted how COVID-19 has curtailed some of the foundation’s fundraising efforts. “Everything helps, so it’s been really nice every morning

to see all the donations coming in that are supporting Rick. And it truly all adds up, you know, a little bit from everybody helps us reach our goals.” Said Cayer.

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