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Creating change need not be a glorious act. It can start with a small, simple, and yet sensitive thought that eventually culminates in turning whimsical dreams into tangible realities. 

Laurie Day, impelled by her passion for the need for a hospice in the North Halton community, approached the Townsend Smith Foundation with a ‘chase the ace’ fundraising concept. The ‘chase the ace’ fundraising model was made famous in Canada’s East Coast and initially began in Inuvik. Day generously offered to sponsor the event for the Townsend Smith Foundation. 

From the seed of the idea of a progressive lottery fundraiser, Catch the Ace was born. Catch the Ace’s intrigue lies in its fun and yet effective way to raise funds. Funds for a much-needed establishment for North Halton, specifically, Acton, Georgetown, Halton Hills, and Milton. 

According to Hospice Palliative Care Ontario, there are only 409 hospice beds across the province and none in North Halton. This needs to change. This is at the heart of what The Townsend Smith Foundation is determined to accomplish – creating a home-like environment that offers compassionate care for individuals living with a life-limiting illness. After all, every individual should have access to a dignified and caring end of life journey. 

Kelly Box, whose late husband Mike Box needed palliative care after being diagnosed with a terminal illness, explains, “A hospice made losing Mike a little bit more bearable, knowing he was well taken care of in his final days.” She adds how the individualized personal care allowed her to be his wife again and not his caregiver, which took a lot of the burden off of her and allowed her to have that connection with Mike before his passing. 

Another avid supporter of a local hospice is Sandy Hatzis. She relays how a hospice was the silver lining in the dark abyss of her brother battling pancreatic cancer. The hospice staff supported her brother ad the rest of the family as well. Hatzis shares, “They allowed us to stop and be present at the moment with him.” These stories and many more highlight the necessity of a hospice and why fundraising funds are vital.

The Catch The Ace fundraiser is a legal lottery. You must be 18 years of age or older and a resident of Ontario to play. The Townsend Smith Foundation launched Catch the Ace in November 2020, and after a 3-week round, the Ace was caught. The lottery then restarted on January 1, 2021, with a guaranteed jackpot of $2,500 for whoever purchases the winning Ace ticket. 

Provided the Ace is not caught, weekly draws will occur every Friday at 12 PM EST. A Reebok CrossFit Firepower group, SheBeast, and Paulo Vieira won the weekly draws on January 15 and 22, 2021, respectively. They bigheartedly donated all of the money back and bought new tickets. Ticket prices range from $10 – $100.

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