Yes you read that right! Popular event organizer and decorator, Kanwal Waseem organized Milton’s first ever Basant event on Feb 26th at the Connect Centre located at 121 Chisholm Dr.

For those of our readers who don’t know, Basant is a colourful kite flying festival celebrated in Pakistan. This festival usually falls in late January or early February and marks the beginning of spring. It is customary to wear bright yellow outfits on Basant, as it’s the colour of the mustard flowers.














Basant is also called the festival of colours and that was surely on display at Basant Night here in Milton! The hall was decked out with various traditional cultural decor pieces and every detail was meticulously taken care of.

“The pandemic has made us realize how important social interactions are, and for that reason I wanted to provide an opportunity for the Milton community to come together and celebrate with music, games and delicious food. “, said Kanwal.

The event also featured Desi Boyz Chaat Chaska live food stalls where guests got to enjoy lip smacking items like pani puri, bhel puri and paan!

Thanking her volunteers, Kanwal said, “team work makes the dream work and I can’t thank my amazing friends enough who volunteered their time and efforts to help make this a successful event.”

Milton is growing fast and thankfully, so is our diversity. It is heartwarming to see our local citizens taking pride in their ancestry and celebrating traditional festivals to stay attached to their roots.

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