Aparna Rangnekar remembers that when they were looking for a home to grow roots and settle down her husband suggested looking at Milton, ‘due to its cultural diversity’. They fell in love with the town after spending a Saturday afternoon here.

Born and raised in Mumbai, India, and living for a number of years in the Middle East, Aparna now lives in Milton with husband, Sanjay and their two children.

‘Both my husband and I are extremely passionate about the Arts and always excited to be involved in the process of making art and bringing it to audiences.’ The ‘Appy Place is a dream they have had since studying Art in India.

Aparna and Sanjay became board members of Arts Milton and were active within the local arts’ community with the aim to bring people together to enjoy and share the arts. Aparna also joined the Fine Arts Society of Milton which gave her opportunities to showcase her art. Her design of the mural which celebrated the PAN AM games at the Velodrome in 2015 was painted by FASM and is still there for all to view. More of her vividly attractive artwork can be seen on the walls of the newly decorated Bombay Grill on Main Street in Milton.

Recently, Aparna was Festival Director on the board of the Arts and Culture Initiative of South Asia which showcased art created by Canadian artists who were influenced by the art of South Asia.

Aparna studied art at Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai with a major in mural arts and a diploma in ceramics and pottery. Her inspiration is vibrant colours, simplistic shapes and bold textures.

Aparna hopes to make ‘the ‘Appy Place on Nipissing Road in Milton an artistic hub for the community where Art can be a part of everyday life.’

‘It’s a place not only for artists or only for kids but for anyone who wants to experience making art (regardless of age).’ Recalling the art parties that used to happen at local restaurants , she plans ‘to hold parties in a comfortable space with a variety of experiences for all to create, whatever their expertise.‘…a space to celebrate milestones, birthdays, special occasions and for groups to perform, practice, hold workshops, exhibitions, pop-up bazaars and much more.’

To contact Aparna about her ‘Appy Place, please go to : info@theappyplace.ca

By Jenny Panda

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