On August 13th at the Milton Community Park by the Sports Centre Milton residents gathered to help celebrate Pakistan’s 77th Independence Day as well as participate in a Multicultural Azadi Festival throughout the day and night.

Spokesperson Dr. Rabiya Azim invited both local dignitaries and residents in her opening remarks. “Once again I am proud to be part of this incredible event that enables the community to celebrate Pakistan in Milton” said Dr. Azim “Your collective support is the reason why this celebration continues to be one of the most anticipated events in Milton.” “Today we have the privilege of standing united in a country that allows freedom of expression in our diversity. But let us remember our brothers and sisters in Pakistan and around the world still fighting for their rights.”

“Freedom is a blessing that we must always cherish and embrace with gratitude. Milton continues to be a shining example of multiculturalism where everyone is welcome. Let us also remember the importance of our shared values that unite us as Canadians. Our deep roots of community, tradition and hard work are clear examples of how great we are together. So let’s continue to celebrate our diversity that ultimately makes us all stronger. Once again, thank you for joining us and enjoy the festivities safely.

”The festival had singers Sahira Naseem and Nadeem Abbas from Pakistan providing excellent entertainment throughout the evening. e event was sponsored by MinMaxx and Concert Partner Shaw Entertainment. Dignitaries included local MP and MPPs, Qasir Dar, Zaheer Din, Ghulam Sarwar, Saleem Butt, Naveed Mazhar, Dr. Altaf Minha and Khalid Usman.

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