On Thursday February 20, 2020 at the Maplehurst Complex the OPSEU Local 234 Union Executive’s completed their third annual “24 Hours in the Cold” fundraising and awareness campaign for the Halton Women’s Place. Ryan Graham (Local 234 President) explains that this Fundraising event is part of a broader province wide campaign titled “Corrections Cares About Communities” . This was the third annual like event seeing the Correctional Workers of the Provincial jails and Probation and Parole offices all coming out from behind the bars, walls and office doors to give back to the community and provide the public some insight into what has historically been “out of sight, out of mind”.

Graham explains “there is a lot of great work that is done behind the walls to try and address some of the problematic behaviours and choices that an offender makes so as to prepare them to positively reintegrate back into the community to become productive members of society” Graham furthers “there is much resourcing that needs to be done by the government into the Provincial Correctional system in order for us to truly address the mental health crisis that is plaguing our justice system. This starts with meaningful investment into a realistic audit and appropriate increase to the full time frontline staffing compliment as well as mental health training to meet the demands of the job.”
Last year OPSEU local 234 raised over $3500 for the Halton Women’s Place and this time around this group of motivated and enthusiastic Correctional Workers hopes to beat that.
OPSEU Local 234 would like to thank the generous donation of fire wood by Miller Tree Service.
For more information on the challenges that face the Provincial Corrections Workers as well as a detailed list of all “Corrections Cares About Communities” events go to www.correctionsdivision.ca

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