For the past ten years, Mississauga Halal Food Festival has showcased over 100+ businesses and has recorded attendees of over40000 every year. In 2022 we launched the Milton Halal Food Festival and felt incredibly blessed with the love and the support we got from the community. This year, the 2nd Annual Milton Halal Food Festival had over30,000 attendees and completely sold out satisfied vendors!

Like our other annual events, the 2nd Annual Milton Halal Food Festival showcased local and international businesses, arts & culture as well as diverse food and entertainment. Famous International Singer, Shehzad Roy and many other local talented performers brightened the event with energetic performances. Our team believes that there is a sublime connection between the mastery of logistics and the creation of astonishment.

In 20 successful years, our organization has proven the excellence in events organization which makes our industry partners proud, and it facilitates the development of long-term relationships. Every year, established businesses join hands and help us grow bigger and better. During our pre-festival Meet & Greet, we had the honour of having Mayor Gordon Krantz. He described our initiative as “You plant a little acorn and it grows into a big oak tree”. He was positive that Milton Halal Food festival will grow and achieve success and this has been proven true. Halal Food Festival has allowed us to create community and raise resident engagement.

Those residents who normally would not go out to events inMilton. Came to 2nd Annual Milton Halal Food Festival and we heard first hand from some people that they have been living in Milton for the past 4,5 years and this was the first event they attended. It felt great hearing that and encourages us to plan more events and activities.

Special thanks to all the dignitaries who joined and celebrated with us, your support means a lot. Amir Shamsi and I (Sara Khan) would like to thank each and every individual who supported us and helped us provide an incredible day of entertainment for Miltonians. Big Big thanks to Rick Di Lorenzo for your support! You are trully a gem and Milton is blessed to have people like you!
Our team members Younus Shamsi, Zia Malik, Muhammad Ali, Kanchen, Wania, Umer, and all the amazing volunteers, thank you . we love you all! #wemakemilton

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