When the season changes to Spring, and we start to shed the layers of winter, the urge arises to paint the world with gorgeous colour once again.  The sunlight streaming in the windows inspires the mind to explore brilliant blues, deep reds and cherry yellows to brighten the mood after months of darkness.

A fantastic way to express your love of colour, and your personality, is to paint the front door to your home a colour that speaks to your sense of style. Choosing a colour that is in harmony with your energy will invoke feelings of happiness and peace when you enter and exit your home – what could be better than that?

So, which colour will be best for your front door?

GREEN – Green indicates you gravitate towards prosperity and abundance of both financial and material wealth.  Green provides a feeling of safety as it relates to financial security with real estate and the business world. Green also invites a calming and balancing vibe as it reminds us of nature.

YELLOW – If yellow speaks to you it means you desire to be highly visible. Yellow is the most visible of colours and that’s why it is used to paint crosswalks and sidewalks.  Yellow is associated with logic and direction where you are using your head rather than your heart to make decisions.

BLUE – Blue is a brilliant colour in all its shades as it is known to reduce stress and create a sense of calm.  As blue is most commonly associated with a dreamy summer sky shades of blue evoke feelings of order and relaxation.  The body slows down in the presence of blue as it releases a sense of freedom, open communication and a positive spiritual vibes.

RED – Those who gravitate to red are full of passion and spontaneity.  Red stimulates the senses more than any other colour – especially the appetite.  If you own a restaurant or a coffee shop incorporating red into your front door will increase curiosity to sample different foods.

CLASSIC SHADES – Leaning towards grey, white or black indicates you seek control and like to blend in. These colors stand for sophistication and style.  White in particular can also invoke feelings of innocence or starting a new beginning.  A classic colour stands on its own allowing other colours around it to take center stage such as garden flowers or majestic trees.

Let your personality lead the when choosing a color for your front door, or garage door, and don’t be afraid to be different.  There are no wrong choices – choose the colour that matches your sense of self, and you will always feel at home.

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